Activities in Sydney

Sydney Monorail
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Visitors or Sydneysiders seeking things to do in Sydney will not be disappointed. This thriving metropolis offers activities to satiate every interest and curiosity. Whether you're looking for an independent cinema, heritage theatre or adventurous afternoon; Sydney provides. Make the most of the abundant cafes, restaurants and pubs dotted through the city as you eat your way across hundreds of international cuisines and flavours. Experience the pockets of green carefully nestled among the city's bustling neighbourhoods as you take a moment to lie back and soak in this unique city. Travellers looking for a raucous evening will enjoy the myriad clubs and bars that Sydney is so known for. Kids will also find plenty of activities in Sydney to entertain, including world-class museums, galleries, gardens and seaside coves.

Writer's Walk: Follow the round plaques set into the path at regular intervals along the Quay. This is the Writers' Walk which celebrates famous Australian writers and offers snippets of their impressions of Australia. On your way to the Opera House, the walk is certainly worth a read.

Monorail Loop: A monorail loop connects the Sydney CBD with the western side of Darling Harbour and the Entertainment Centre at Chinatown at five-minute intervals (generally from 7am). This a really quick and affordable way to make your way around the central district.

Bike Hire: Looking for a different way to explore Sydney? Bike hire companies around the city offer an affordable and flexible way to get to know this sprawling city. Be prepared for a bit of a workout if you end up in some of the hilly suburbs but enjoy the opportunity to access some of Sydney's hidden gems - off the tourist trail. A great day out may also take you on a ferry across to Manly where you can hire a bike for a few hours to explore the beachside suburb.