Sydney Location Map

Darling Harbour Area

The heart of Sydney's entertainment district, sparkling Darling Harbour draws locals and tourists alike with its enchanting architecture and vivid ambience. Set aside a few hours to walk the harbour, taking in the snippets of music, cafe sounds and chattering families. Darling Harbour is built for pleasure, a space to connect and enjoy.


Once known for it's grungy laneways and crime-ridden streets, Darlinghurst has now fallen victim to designer gentrification and Saturday brunch. Follow the map below to Oxford Street for some of the city's best gay bars and iconic music venues or pop in and out of the independent labels who call Darlinghurst home.

Eastern Suburbs

Prestigious class culture meets coastal living and old school Sydney in a suburban melting pot that brings the capitals diverse populous together. From the salty shores of Bondi (the place to see and be seen) to exclusive Double Bay and laid-back Coogee, Sydney's Eastern Suburbs showcase the unique relationship held between the city's residents and the wide body of water at their doorstep.


Every Sydneysiders dream weekender, Manly is just a 45-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay yet offers an immediate reprieve from the CBD's fast pace and anxiety inducing traffic. Use the map below to head to Manly for a long day of beach sleeps, ice cream and soft surf.

North Sydney

The heart of the city's commercial district, North Sydney is a vivid juxtaposition between heritage buildings, shiny skyscrapers and manicured parklands. With everything at your fingertips, it's not hard to find yourself lost in its clasp.

The Blue Mountains

Take the 2-hour train out from Central Station and find yourself in another world. Gliding across a sea of hazy blue before disembarking at Katoomba Station, the Blue Mountains hits you immediately with it's striking landscape and rugged cliffs.

The Rocks & Circular Quay

Sydney's tourist portal, Circular Quay is often a visitors first glimpse into the majestic city - and what a sight. Disembark at Circular Quay Station and immediately stare out across the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Walk just a couple of metres and find yourself in heritage district, The Rocks, a charming precinct ripe for exploring.

Sydney Suburb and Attractions Map