Nature and Wildlife in Sydney

Sydney Aquarium
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Taronga Park Zoo: Taronga Park Zoo is a Sydney icon. Keeping a vast array of exotic and local animals, reptiles and birds, the enclosures and viewing platforms enjoy a spectacular view across the harbour and Sydney Opera House. Sydney's oldest zoo, Taronga Park is the best way to experience native and international nature and wildlife in Sydney.

Sydney Aquarium: The Sydney Aquarium is regarded as one of the world's best. More than 150 metres of clear tunnels pass through the underwater exhibits, offering a clear view of the fish and sharks swimming around and above you. It has more than 5000 residents of 350 species, including the uniquely Australian platypus which lives in river banks and is often very difficult to find in the wild.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney: These gardens open from sunrise to sunset. Nestled behind the Sydney Opera House, the Botanic Gardens offer a welcome verdant reprieve from the city's fast pace. Admission is free and free guided walks run over the day. Enjoy a wonderful collection of plants and leading horticultural displays as you take a moment for a garden stroll or picnic.

Observatory Hill: One of the best views of Sydney is from Observatory Hill on which stands the original Sydney Observatory, built in 1858. Still featuring its first optical astronomical telescope, this piece of equipment was once a key to the scientific study of astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Observatory now operates as a museum by day, but still conducts occasional explorations of the sky at night - bookings are essential. Though it is almost next to the southern roadway off the Sydney Harbour Bridge, public access is from Argyle Street in The Rocks.

Chinese Gardens: The Chinese Garden is a tranquil escape from the bustle of the city at the edge of Chinatown. It is a large, walled enclave with Chinese pavilions, large ponds full of ornamental carp, trees and stone statues.