Giant Dragon Descends on Sydney Opera

16 Mar 16

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If you've been down to Sydney Harbour recently you could be forgiven for fleeing for your life. After all, the sight of a massive dragon with sharp teeth and claws bigger than a human would be enough to do that to you. However never fear, this fire-breathing dragon is harmless and is just one of the stars of Handa Opera's outdoor Sydney production of Giacomo Puccini's Turandot.

Although construction cranes still loom overhead, the massive dragon will be ready to light up the night as part of the set for the latest outdoor performance from Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. Flickering images of the Great Wall of China down its long spine and spitting flames like a coal furnace, the dragon will be joined by opera greats such as renowned tenor Riccardo Massi, bedecked in burgundy velvet gowns.

Appearing a little like a dragon tamer, Massi's smooth and deep voice will carry across the harbour as the giant creature remains silent for his performance of the world famous aria Nessun Dorma. It's quite a sight to see, and this outdoor opera event is a huge drawcard for locals and tourists alike. The performance of Adia on the harbour last year saw 60,000 people in attendance and featured a likewise grandiose centrepiece - an 18m state of Nefertiti's head.

Opera Australia's artistic director, Lyndon Terracini says that this year's event is the biggest production in the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour's five year history. Now an international event, he said that ticket sales were flying out the door before the production was even announced, with reports of tens of thousands of people flying in just to attend the production. The response has been incredible, with the event being considered one of the world's four most important outdoor opera events.

Costing a total of $12 million, the pop-up outdoor Sydney opera will feature bars, restaurants and a stage measuring 60m long and 25m deep to accommodate the elaborate set which has been built in Sydney. The intricately carved dragon was actually carved by a robot in order to achieve a high level of detail. The huge stage will also house a full orchestra and chorus beneath it and has been created at local theatre icon Mrs Macquarie's chair.