HMAS Tobruk Makes Final Sail of Sydney Harbour

25 June 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Opera House

Today marks the final voyage of HMAS Tobruk, after a long and illustrious career in the Royal Australian Navy. One of the longest serving warships in the Navy, today HMAS Tobruk sailed into Sydney Harbour on her final voyage to retire in her home port. Throughout her 35 year career in the Royal Australian Navy, HMAS Tobruk has sailed nearly one million nautical miles all over the world.

Although she will be decommissioned in July, HMAS Tobruk will be remembered for her contributions to nations all around the world, both historically and more recently. As the nation of East Timor faced the turmoil of Indonesian occupation, HMAS Tobruk led an Australian Task Force into the fray in 1999. Most recently, she brought assistance and aid to the people of Vanuatu after the devastating Cyclone Pam hit earlier in the year.

It truly was a sight to see as the proud ship took her final curtain call on the iconic waters of Sydney Harbour, contrasted against the famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. These tourism icon greats are considered on par with Paris' Eiffel Tower, New York's Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco and provided a patriotic, if not fitting, send off for one of Australia's most revered ships.

While Sydney Harbour is most often filled with cruise ships, ferry's, leisure craft and private vessels, all were happy to make way for the final voyage of HMAS Tobruk. Although the warship bid her final goodbyes to the scenic points of Sydney Darling Harbours, she left in her wake plenty of day cruises and sailing tours who are more than happy to take over the tour of duty, showcasing one of Australia's most famous cities from the water.