Homer Simpson Pays a Visit to the Sydney Opera House

05 Oct 16

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

TV's most famous yellow animated father has visited the Sydney Opera House to celebrate Matt Groening's upcoming appearance at Sydney's Graphic Festival. Creator of The Simpsons and the charmingly slovenly character of Homer Simpson, Groening will deliver a talk at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Graphic Festival taking place 4-5 November.

In a clip shared to Facebook, Homer Simpson appears on the steps of the iconic landmark with the equally famous Harbour Bridge in the background behind him. The one minute clip pays tribute to popular Australian culture and includes references to Russell Crowe and Aussie rules football. In the clip, Homer says he couldn't be happier to be in Australia, saying "what a treat it is to visit a land where they almost speak English."

The tongue-in-cheek clip follows the famous Simpsons style of irreverent humour with Homer thanking Australia for Wolverine and Harley Quinn, characters played by Aussie actors Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie. However Homer is also quick to point out that we "can have Rupert Murdoch back." Other famous Aussies also got a mention including the iconic Crocodile Dundee film franchise and the popular 90s snack Dunkaroos. Even the famous Sydney Harbour seal made an appearance.

The clip was shared to promote Matt Groening's upcoming talk on "Secrets of The Simpsons, And A Couple Of Milhouse Fun Facts" where he will also be joined by friend and fellow US cartoonist Lynda Barry, famous for her 1988 illustrated novel The Good Times are Killing Me. Groening and Barry will join forces to present the talk "Love, Hate & Comics: The Friendship That Would Not Die". The Sydney Graphic Festival will be held at the Sydney Opera House and a number of other venues from November 4-5.