Sunny Christmas Day Forecasted For Sydney

21 Dec 16

Christmas beach BBQ

It looks like it's going to be a true Aussie Christmas this year in Sydney with an 80% chance of sunshine forecasted for Sunday, Christmas Day. While icicled ornaments hang on snow dusted Christmas trees and carols croon about a white Christmas, Sydneysiders will be swapping thermals for thongs on what is predicted to be a warm and sunny Christmas Day.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted tops of 28 degrees Celsius in the city and up to 33 degrees Celsius in the west so while it won't be a scorching hot Christmas Day it will be enough to let Sydneysiders know that summer is well and truly here.

Residents are pleased to hear that Sydney weather is on track to be a nice day for Christmas, with many planning on heading to the beach. It's also welcome news for the annual Santa invasion on Bondi Beach, a sight that has become synonymous with Sydney at Christmas time.

However, it's going to be a ho-ho-hot one for the rest of Australia, with most other cities expected to see temperatures soar on Sunday. Still, it's fairly typical weather of Christmas in Australia and it's the perfect weather for a game of beach cricket, an ice cold beer and some fresh prawns - Christmas Day the Aussie way. Our friends in the northern hemisphere have a lot to learn about Christmas in the south.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted Adelaide to be the hottest, with temperatures set to soar to 37 degrees Celsius. Perth is not far behind with a predicted top of 35 degrees Celsius. Still in the 30s, Santa may need to reconsider his boots and fur-lined suit in Canberra and Darwin with temperatures expected to reach a sunny 32degrees Celsius. The jolly man will want to keep his board shorts on while dropping presents off in Melbourne which should reach 30 degrees Celsius. St Nick should find a little relief in Brisbane, with temperatures set to reach a balmy 28 degrees Celsius.