Sydney Shivers Through Coldest Weather in 21 Years

29 Jun 16

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This week Sydney shivered through its coldest day in June in more than 20 years. On Monday, Sydney's maximum temperature reached just 11 degrees, making it the coldest day of any month in 21 years. The 'feels like' temperature was even colder, remaining in single digits all day.

Arriving on Friday, the cold snap brought with it a strong blustery front that was followed on Sunday by a weaker front which topped up fresh snow for alpine areas. Senior meteorologists with Weatherzone said it was unusual to have two significant cold fronts together and it was these two cold fronts which created the coldest spell in June in six years.

Although the past few days have only managed temperatures around the 10 degree mark in both minimums and maximums, the worst of the cold spell is likely to be over for now. In fact, those pining for warmer Sydney weather shouldn't have to wait long with temperatures forecasted to reach 18 degrees by Tuesday. Sydney residents could be looking at similar above-average temperatures each day until Friday, when another cold front is expected to arrive.

The Bureau of Meteorology have warned that overnight temperatures will continue to dip down to single digits daily until at least Monday. Although there is a possibility of a low pressure system developing off the coast of New South Wales after Friday, it's more likely to move away quickly.

The arrival of these frosty conditions has come as a bit of a shock to the coast after a record run of warm conditions. Bureau of Meteorology climatologist Acacia Pepler said the 22 day run from June 2 of temperatures of at least 18 degrees was the longest spell on record, beating the previous June 1965 run of 18 such days.

Despite the current wintry conditions, the warm start to June means the month is likely to be one of Sydney's mildest Junes on record for mean temperatures. It's unlikely this month will challenge the record though, with warmer daytime temperatures for the rest of the month thwarted by cool overnight lows.